I teach the Japanese Usui Reiki,
which is free from those changes that
characterize the Hayashi-Takata branch.

About Dae Chong

Master Dae Chong has been studying and practicing the teachings and practices of the traditional spiritual schools since his youth. It helped him during this process that from the age of 18, over the period of a few years, he learned 12 computer programming languages as well. He had his own company where he used to design IT systems. He made a good income, which afforded him months, sometimes even a year, off in between working on business orders, and this made it possible for him to inquire into the traditional teachings. He also liked participating in sports, including swimming and sailing by himself.

His first satori happened in 1996, at the age of 29, while he was practising alone. This was followed by several spontaneous satori experiences later. He was a practitioner at a Zen school, and his strongest spiritual experience at that time happened there, during his koan interview with the school’s Zen master.

He studied the practices of Hindu, Chinese, and Japanese spiritual schools. Later, he inquired into the teachings of the Kabbalah, alchemy, and astrology. He also tried many alternative therapies and he learned Chinese diagnostics, where there were only physicians in the training with him; he studied about the meridian and chakra systems and Ayurvedic medicine. But he has never found a healing method more effective than the Usui spiritual method. Since he experienced that this method was always able to help in the cases of patients with very severe illnesses, he stopped practicing and teaching any other healing techniques and has been practicing, using, and teaching the Usui healing method only.

He has been practicing Master Usui’s method since 1994. He first got acquainted with the Usui Shiki Ryoho system. Before he became a Reiki teacher, his master told him about her concerns. According to her, half of the system was missing, and in fact Reiki must have been a complete spiritual journey. She said that there were some Reiki teachers who were unprepared, and at some schools the master’s training was available for anyone who paid for it, regardless of the person’s readiness of becoming a Reiki master. Also, many other things were mixed into the Reiki system. Dae Chong realized that the knowledge about Master Usui’s method as a spiritual path was indeed incomplete in the West, and he thought it must have been a wonderful thing to being able to restore a spiritual path. During his attunement he received an intuitive message, which said that original, written materials about the method still exist. He made a resolution to find them and to practice and teach the method in the way Master Usui would have wanted it.

Master Dae Chong treated many patients successfully, even those with serious illnesses. He moved houses several times to be able to help people in different areas. Meanwhile, for 10 years, he was raising his two children alone. In 1999 he received another intuitive message in which he saw a mountain that was calling him. Later he realized that the mountain he saw was Mount Kurama. He enrolled in a college and studied there for four years, choosing a major in Japanese language interpretation and translation.

He first travelled to Japan in 2008 to find the original system and practitioners of the Usui spiritual method. While walking down Mount Kurama, he suddenly felt a very strong wave of Reiki energy. He stopped to give himself over to this intense flow of Reiki. Since then he has been able to have master-disciple relationships, which he considers as a wonderful gift. Between 2008 and 2016 he received guidance from five different teachers in Japan, and all of them knew the original Usui method. He was studying the Japanese language for many years to be able to translate the received source materials from Japanese.

Master Dae Chong continued to help many ill people, and he spent most of his time treating patients. He led practicing classes on the weekends in Europe. He introduced the original practices he had learned to those Usui Shiki Ryoho teachers who were genuinely interested in them and who approached him with pure intentions.

With the practitioners, he co-founded the international community of the Usui Dentō Ryū School to introduce the early method of Master Usui to those who are interested. The trainings he held were never publicly advertised, but he was known as an effective healer once the officially incurable patients were sent to him by physicians.

Since 2008 he has established several practicing groups in Europe. He gave attunements to approximately 350 people, and 10 people became his disciples. They treat patients in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

He didn’t want to become a popular teacher of the method. Since the very beginning, when he became a teacher, he always wished from his heart that those people who consider this method to be a spiritual path and would like to practice it that way would find him. Using the healing techniques learned in Japan, he and his disciples were able to help many people with serious illnesses. In most of the cases he treated, a complete healing was possible in one to three months with chronic diseases, but in the case of acute illnesses it often happened that one treatment was enough for the patient to heal. There were two very serious cases of chronic disease where a little more than a year of treatment was necessary. He once treated a patient with severe Crohn’s disease, who had several surgeries before and was taking very strong medication. The treatments took a little more than a year, but eventually the patient healed completely. Successfully treating patients with breast cancer took one to three weeks. For healing multiple sclerosis, several months of treatment was necessary.

He has been travelling the world since 2014 and got to know several hardworking but poor people in local communities who would be willing to learn. Since May 2015, he has been working on making the Usui spiritual method accessible to the general public. He asked some of his disciples to start teaching the method around the world starting in 2018, so that it is more widely spread and more people can experience the miracle and heal themselves. This training, called FIARE (First Aid Reiki), is different than most Reiki trainings. There is only one level, and the focus of the teaching is on self-healing. The income of these self-healing trainings makes it possible to maintain the healing centers, provide livelihood for the professional healers, and for the talented future healers from the poor local communities to learn and practice. The trainings are always held by experienced healers.

The teaching of the self-healing method first starts in Asia and Europe from 2018, under the name FIARE (First Aid Reiki). For those who want to become professional healers, Master Dae Chong continues to teach the Usui healing method in the Usui Dentō Ryū School.

Master Dae Chong founded both schools: Usui Dentō Ryū, where the teachings are strictly based on the guidelines of Master Usui; and FIARE, which is a self-healing training using the Usui healing method.

You can contact Dae Chong by email at daechong@protonmail.com