Reiki Problems and solutions

The symptoms of the problems surrounding Western Reiki are well known, even if we avoid openly talking about them. I phrased them for myself in 9 points.

Fellow Hungarian Reiki masters also saw them as problems but had no solutions for them. Moreover, the Reiki Alliance acknowledges the same issues but also cannot provide solutions.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan many years after noticing these problems. I met Reiki masters there who lived to an old age, were healthy and very active. I had the opportunity to learn about the real history of Reiki and Usui Sensei; and the source of the issues became clear to me. As well as the solution.

Ever since, Reiki masters I met have named the same 9 issues, regardless which country they come from. The problems around Reiki are global, except for Japan.

If the root cause ceases to exist, the issues will also disappear.

After learning the entirety of Usui Reiki, I realized that it is based on four pillars. In Reiki schools outside of Japan, including Usui Shiki Ryoho, at least two of the four pillars are missing.

Sit on a four-legged chair and you will see that all four legs are stable. Is it safe to sit on? Yes, it is. This is the original Japanese Usui Reiki. You know what happens if the chair lacks two of its four legs and you sit on it…

In my opinion, this is the root cause of all issues surrounding Reiki: Only a part of Usui Reiki made it to the US and from there it was then spread around the whole world.

What is the solution we propose?

The solution is really quite simple and has worked for more than 70 Reiki masters in two countries (Hungary and Romania) thus far. All we need to do is restore the foundations of Reiki, which have not reached beyond Japan. If the foundation is restored, many issues will be solved, and the rest will be made right during practice.